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Food and eating is not only essential for our healthy lives but provides much pleasure - the pleasure in the cooking, the pleasure in the tasting and the pleasure in the sharing of food with our families and friends

Our Company mission is to contribute to your health and happiness by creating for you great tasting food that makes it easy and convenient for you to prepare great tasting meals.

C.E.O. President

The Youki commitment to you encompasses:

"Trust" - ensuring that our products are always safe and of the highest quality. We have rigorous policies and review of raw materials and minimise the use of food additives. "Health" - Eat healthy and live healthy! The fundamental purpose of food is to provide sustenance for both body and mind and enrich our lifestyles. Our product development is always done with a focus on improving your health and lifestyle.
"Creating Value" - You are the cook and lead actor. We want to be like your best supporting actor, helping you by providing great taste and flavor with the highest quality ingredients

Business Policy:

Youki supplies seasonings and cooking ingredients mainly for use in Chinese and ethnic foods and pride ourselves on being leaders in world cuisine. In 2007 Youki formed an alliance with the US based McCormick & Co., Incorporated. Youki manufacture and sell McCormick product in Japan and this has added to our expertise with Western cooking ingredients and tastes. As a result, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of products covering the meal from hors d'oeuvre to main course, through to dessert and beverages.

Since our establishment in 1974 the Company objective has been to provide a comprehensive range of products to our customers that are safe and from secure materials sources.
The Company's manufacturing facilities maintain the highest quality standards. We aggressively acquire the certification of international standards related to quality and hygiene management and complement these with our own stringent standards to ensure we provide stable and consistent good quality. In addition, we strive to ensure that our product development minimizes the use of chemical additives and preservatives as much as possible.

The Japanese family is increasingly interested in trying new kinds of food and trying different ways to cook great food. We import food products from many countries around the world that help you create great tasting international dishes.

Upon company establishment in 1974, Youki Food Co., Ltd. was striving for excellence in product development, food safety and providing great tasting product. We were focused on the finest organically grown food products which, at that time, were not as well known as they are now. The company name comes from this concept. YUKI SHOKUHIN in Japanese KANJI character comes from "organic food", but we preferred other Japanese KANJI characters meaning "originating in something". Back in 2003, the said YUKI SHOKUHIN in KANJI character was further changed to YUKI SHOKUHIN in KATAKANA character aiming at global and general food manufacturers who deal in various food products around the world.
In addition, in the English logo, "YU" of YUKI was further more changed to "YOU" so the company name in English became YOUKI FOOD CO., LTD. which we think provides an expectation of warmth and friendly relationships with our customers.